A Lambeth where young people thrive


Growing up in Lambeth can give young people the best start in life, with the independent Social Mobility Commission recently recognising Lambeth as being in the top 5% of areas in the country for young people’s life chances.

All 23 of Lambeth’s children’s centres are rated Good or Outstanding by OFSTED. We secured a £36 million investment from the Big Lottery Fund over 10 years for our Lambeth Early Action Partnership (LEAP) project which, alongside partners in local services and community groups, is working with families in some of the most deprived parts of our borough from pregnancy until their child is aged four. We will roll out the lessons learned from the LEAP project across the borough to tackle inequalities in children's health and achievement so more children are school ready.

We will work with our children’s centres and partners to make sure that all eligible families are able to take up their right to 15 hours free childcare a week for 2 year olds and 30 hours a week free nursery provision for 3 and 4 year olds. And we will campaign for a Labour government which would extend the 30 free hours to all two year-olds, and move towards making some childcare available for one year-olds and extending maternity pay to 12 months and increase paternity leave.

Lambeth children go from outstanding children’s centres to outstanding schools. 96% of Lambeth secondary schools and 90% of primary schools are rated Good or Outstanding. The tremendous improvement in our local schools didn’t happen by accident: it required strong local leadership, the dedication of teachers and the involvement of parents, together with significant investment from the last Labour government. That progress is being put at risk by the Conservatives’ cuts to education. Together with parents and teachers, we fought against huge Tory cuts to local schools last year and we will continue to fight for an increase in school funding that will give our young people the education they deserve.

We are opposed to the forced academisation of Lambeth’s community schools by the Tory government against the wishes of parents and teachers. We established the Lambeth Schools Partnership to maintain a community of Lambeth schools in response to the fragmentation of community education from the Conservative academy agenda. We will work together with schools and parents on the possibility of a Lambeth Schools Partnership ‘Multi Academy Trust’ to keep local schools part of the local community rather than remote academy chains.

We know that young people today face pressures that older generations didn’t. NHS mental health services are being stretched to breaking point and this needs to change. We’ll work with our schools and health partners to improve access and quality of mental health support.


Too many young people still feel that the opportunities in the borough aren’t for them, or that they’re ignored or excluded from everything our borough has to offer. To give young people more power over their lives and the services they use we established the Young Lambeth Cooperative (YLC), putting youth services in the hands of our young people. We’re proud of the YLC and will continue to work with them to provide more for young people to do. By working in a different way we’ve kept 14 adventure playgrounds and all our youth clubs open. We will support youth projects with rent-free premises, advice on fundraising and financial support, ensuring Lambeth benefits from the Mayor's £45 million Young Londoners Fund.

We will ring-fence funding from our developer tax to invest in services for children and youth services in every part of Lambeth.

We are promoting policies to make Lambeth London’s most child-friendly borough. We will launch a borough-wide campaign and awards scheme, "Lambeth Made", to boost the life chances of our children and young people by encouraging businesses and the community to pledge more resources and create more opportunities. We will coordinate the campaign with other public sector partners and the Young Lambeth Cooperative.

We already offer discounts so that pensioners and people on low incomes can benefit from our excellent swimming and leisure facilities. We will continue to offer cheap, discounted access to leisure and sports facilities for young people and work with Lambeth’s world-famous cultural partners to improve access to culture and the arts for children and young people in Lambeth.

We’ve put in place a Youth Mayor, Youth Council & participate in the UK Youth Parliament scheme to give young people a voice and a platform to speak to those in power locally and nationally. We’ll champion and support our youth representatives and work with them to involve and empower Lambeth’s youth; we’ll also campaign to lower the voting age to 16 to give Lambeth’s young people the voice they deserve.

As young people leave school, we want to provide more opportunities for better jobs in the borough. Over the next four years, we will ensure that over 1,500 apprenticeship opportunities are created in Lambeth. As a leader in the public sector Lambeth Council will directly create at least 240 apprenticeships within the council by 2022, with priority for new apprenticeships given to young people, adults with disabilities and those furthest from the jobs market.

We will also create a new, dedicated apprenticeships advice service and online brokerage to make it easier and simpler to access these opportunities.  We’ll work with the NHS, the Police and other large public sector employees to provide a joined-up approach to training and apprenticeships.

With hundreds of millions being invested in creating new homes and businesses in the borough we want to open the door for young people to access the new opportunities. Lambeth’s Next Generation Project which improves young people’s access to the borough’s cultural workforce, won a £200,000 cultural impact award by the Mayor of London. Lambeth will host the Eric Festival, our first creative industries employment fair for creative and digital careers, and create links between schools and the cultural and creative institutions in the borough so we can support the aspiration and ambitions of Lambeth’s young people to have exciting and rewarding careers.