A cleaner and greener Lambeth


Lambeth residents take pride in the cleanliness of their streets, estates and neighbourhoods. We’re committed not just to keeping our streets clean, but also improving air quality and making Lambeth a more environmentally friendly place. We’re showing leadership in doing all we can to fight climate change, boost recycling and preserve the environment for future generations.

We’ve protected street sweeping and litter picking, including keeping daily litter picking in busy areas. We’ve introduced food waste bins and our new pest-proof recycling bins have cut down the use of plastic bags, increased recycling rates and helped us save £450,000 per year. We’ve kept our garden waste collection and we’ve made sure all the people who collect our bins are paid the London Living Wage.

In Brighton the country’s first Green-run council collapsed amid a bin strike, with rubbish rotting on the streets. Labour in Lambeth will maintain a full weekly bin collection of recycling, food and residual waste, and boost recycling rates further by 2022.

We improved our recycle and reuse centre on Vale Street in West Norwood by banning commercial users and ensuring that only Lambeth residents can use the service. We’ll keep Vale Street open and free to use for Lambeth residents.

We’ve led London on cycling, being recognised by winning the award for Excellence in Cycling and Walking at the London Transport Awards in 2017. We have trained 13,000 cyclists, more than any other borough. We’ve redesigned dozens of dangerous junctions including in Stockwell, Kennington and Vauxhall, with further work planned at Waterloo roundabout and Westminster Bridge Road. We will work with cyclists on incorporating the recommendations from our Healthy Routes programme into the forthcoming Lambeth Transport Strategy to make roads quieter and safer. We will open over ten miles of new, safe cycling routes and will campaign for funding for the Streatham to Peckham Quietway.

We successfully campaigned to bring Santander cycle hire bikes to Brixton and will push for the extension of cycle hire bikes across the rest of the borough. We introduced secure cycle hangars to our streets with over 220 hangars already delivered. To meet the growing demand for secure cycle parking we will double the number of bike hangars, providing 1,000 additional cycle hangar spaces over the next four years.

Lambeth has led the way in tackling air pollution and improving our air quality. We have adopted a comprehensive Air Quality Action Plan and successfully lobbied the London Mayor for one of the first clean bus corridors in London which has already led to significant improvements in air quality on Brixton Road. We will push for the Mayor to introduce more low emission buses to Lambeth.

Air quality has improved, but there’s more to be done. We will campaign for the Mayor to extend the Ultra Low Emission Zone to cover the whole borough and to bring it in sooner. Our children can’t wait for clean air.

Labour councillors committed to cleaner air 

Labour councillors committed to cleaner air 

Children are among those most at risk from toxic air. We’ve already introduced funding for the first clean air screens at local schools. We will provide funding for clean air green screens at every Lambeth school on a main road and we will encourage walk-to-school schemes so fewer parents have to rely on a car for the school run.

A national Labour Government would introduce a new Clean Air Act to deal with the Conservative legacy of illegal air quality.

In areas of the borough with resident parking permits we’ve introduced a sliding scale of charges to incentivise cleaner, lower emission cars. To support the transition from internal combustion to cleaner electric cars we will install over 200 new electric vehicle charging points.

We’ve planted over 4,000 trees in the past few years and supported community initiatives like Open Orchard to plant new fruit trees. More street trees are part of our commitment to improving air quality in the borough, with evidence showing that just one street tree can reduce some measures of dangerous particles by 15-20%. We will continue with our record investment in planting trees by planting another 1,000 by 2022.

Lambeth Labour has protected our fantastic parks, commons and open spaces. We’ve brought our parks maintenance team back in-house and our parks improvement has been recognised with 14 Green Flag Awards. A new ‘Good Parks for London’ report, which examines how local authorities are using innovation to protect London’s parks and green spaces, puts Lambeth top of the league table in London.

Since 2014 we’ve invested over £10 million in our award-winning parks. We’ve worked together with community partners and Friends groups to secure funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund for West Norwood Cemetery and are working on a bid for Brockwell Hall. We will continue to protect and champion our parks and open spaces and are supporting the Mayor of London in his campaign for London to be a National Park City.

Councillors taking part in community litter-picking 

Councillors taking part in community litter-picking 

Years ago Lambeth’s roads were riddled with potholes and our pavements uneven. We’ve made a record investment to repave our roads and improve our pavements, investing £40 million since 2014. Our roads are far safer and our pavements are better, especially for parents with small children, older residents and those with mobility issues. We will continue this record investment in roads and pavements over the next four years.

We must meet the challenge of climate change head on. We’re making Lambeth greener by investing in solar panels, community energy schemes like Repowering South London, new low-carbon LED street lighting – which saves £650,000 a year – and requiring high environmental standards in new council buildings.

We’ve already already committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2050 and we will work towards divesting from fossil fuels and invest our pension fund in a socially and financially responsible way. We’ve all been shocked by the damage that single-use plastics are causing to the environment, so we will work to introduce a ban on all single use plastics used by the council and all major council suppliers.

We delivered on our promise to roll out 20mph zones across the borough and this has successfully reduced average speeds on our roads. We will support more enforcement of 20mph zones by working with the police and funding more Community Speed Watch events, especially near schools and in residential areas.

We take a zero tolerance approach to those who dump rubbish and drop litter on our streets. We’ve deployed mobile CCTV to fly tipping hotspots to make it easier to prosecute offenders. Our new enforcement agents are delivering on our zero tolerance approach. In 2017 they issued over 6,000 on-the-spot fines for littering, fly tipping, graffiti and dog fouling. We will expand our street enforcement team, issuing on-the-spot fines for anti-social behaviour including spitting and street urination. We won’t allow a minority to blight our environment.